Monday, September 11, 2006

Working hard... only for some days.

I was talking long time in Hamburg about my idea to look for a job just when I arrive in Spain.
Finally, when I had no hopes, I found two jobs in the same day.
This is the promenade, croosing the center of my city, that I should make from one job to the other.

One of this jobs was making baguettes and pizzas, in the typical establishment in the middle of many bars and discos, so the time to open was from 19:00 until 06:00. Yes, I know, 11 hours, and without a chair to sit and any break. Even without a toilette! And we were working with the ovens for the bread, so the temperature was about 40 ºC.

This job was just behind this church.

The other job was in the fairground of my city, in the terrace of a restaurant. The job was only for some hours, from 13:00 until 17:00, but the quality of the work was worse than owful and my bosses were not the best. At least some of my partners were really great.

The conclusion is that from wednesday until sunday I was working 14/15 hours per day, and now I'm tired. And the money is not so much, shit!!!!