Thursday, November 09, 2006

Breve inciso

Esta tarde empiezo a currar de nuevo en la baguetería del Su, detrás de la Antigua. Pometí que lo confirmaría y así lo hago.

Tonight I start again my job making baguettes for drunk people, very funny. Don't worry, Andi, I will survive!, This is what I wanted because I need the money and the times are OK for me, you know it.

Travel to Turkey_3

Part three: travelling to Ankara.

After crossing the Bosphorus again we arrived to the train station. There are two stations: one at the european share and one at the asian share, like is logic. I know that there is a project to create a big tunnel under the See of Marmara, but I don't know when it will be ready.

The train station of the asian part was ours. It was nice, clean and empty. It was the best example to show that the usual transport system is by road, and not by train.

The railways are more a problem. I think that the lack of puntuality is because of the bad quality of the infrastructures.We needed nein hours to arrive in Ankara!

At least the trains were also a surprise for me. German technology, Siemens. Very clean, very empty, only three seats per line...

It was very odd to find the symbol of the turkish flag in all the windows of the train. I was waiting for the symbol of the train company, but problably it is nacional, I don't know.

The landscape was rough and dry, also very strange because it was raining very much, not only that day, but during all the week.

We were nine hours in the train, so in the end we were sleeping and stop looking throw the window.

When we arrived, we only looked forward to rest and eat something good at home, a good dinner with natural orange juice and something sweet. Because of that I had not time to see too much the city, but I got my firts impression. Nice buildings for administration, with the flag and the picture of Atatürk everywhere. A lot of military areas in plane centre of the city. A strong sensation of security and control. I will talk about that longer in my next posts.