Monday, August 31, 2009

My New Flat

This is my new flat, a kind of apartment for two people.

Finally, I could get rid of my two dirty flatmates, and also escape from my renter and his illegal ruses.

The new flat was empty, without any furniture, but that was not a problem, on the contrary it was perfect for us, because we've got a lot of stuffs. My books, Kiro's games, two beds, 4 tables, and a lot of plants.

We've found the perfect place with a lot of space for my clothes and shoes ( I don't like to go shopping, but I never grow or change and actually it can be a problem because I never find the moment to throw it away.)

Usually I get a mess in my bedroom just because of my numerous clothes. In the old flat I never found a good place for them and I decided to put them in many Ikea's boxes. These boxes are great, and big, so big that I never can find anything quickly, so... disaster... a new mess.

Now I don't have to worry any more, I can use my new wardrobes, one in the entrance, before the corridor, perfect for my shoes and coats, and one more with four doors, between the bedroom and the toilet, with space for everything else.

The kitchen is great! It is white and yellow, with the tables in grey, so the co
ntrast of colours is very soft but nice. The shape of the room is a L, with the long arm with all the stuff for cooking and washing, and the short arm with our new grey table for the breakfast, just close to the fridge.

All the electrical appliances are Kiro's parents, but they are a loan...

The kitchen has a problem: the floor is also white. That means it is always dirty, even a hair or one spot..., it cannot be clean. So we decided to use a carpet all along the working area and so to avoid to get everything dirty.

Another little problem is that we don't have a good system for the rubbish. We need to find the way to make invisible or at least 'not so visible' our cubes for the garbage.

From the kitchen we have the access to a little terrace. It is small but very nice, with th
e very best orientation, South-East, very sunny and with a nice sight over the end of the city, until the forest of Simancas (a very nice village with a castle). My plants look very happy in this terrace. They are now much better than before.

The living-room. I like very much our living-room because it is ve
ry light, with three windows (not one or two, but three windows), with orientation South-East, that means thatt we have a sunny space during all day. Moreover, one with our windows is quite big, like a balcony, and with all my plants it looks more like a terrace than a living-room.

Our tables and shelves are white or orange, and we play with the position of the colours around the room.