Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Remembering Gijón

I just received the pictures about my holidays in june in one city in the North of Spain: Gijón. That was a trip of three days, with very little money but a lot of good humor and fun. A group of crazy people making stupid things all the time, it was just what I needed just after five months in the cold atmosphere of Germany, hihi.

The beach was great, better than the mediterranean cost, in my opinion. It was not full of people yet, because in the beginning of June is not the typical date to go on holidays.

The city also was great! The buildings there had many many colours and very good quality. The structure of the city was also amazing, perfect for a projects of townplanners.

At night we were drinking the typical drink of Asturias: sidra, a kind of beer of apple, something like that. The effects of sidra were that we were making "the clown" everywhere.

The last day we were in a different village, with a perfect natural landscape, but the time run and we had to take the car to come back to Valladolid.