Thursday, October 19, 2006

One year ago...

One year ago I spent the most of my time with Elena. We were thinking very much about the future, about our profession. She always has been interested in the Photography, not only interested, she feels that she needs to become a professional photographer to be happy in her life.

In that time also I was thinking about my future occupation and the best way to find the happiness in my life. In that moment I thought that I needed to go far away from Valladolid for a time. I was always dreaming of moving to another country for some months, maybe some years. The Erasmus scholarship was the best option for me in that moment.

One year after, when my time in Germany is over I can analyse my all sensations. Not everything in the last year was good, of course not. I am a person that used to give more importance to the bad things than the good things, I'm a stupid pessimist. And everybody tell me that I had lived an experience, a kind of adventure over control, and they also tell me that the best place to live is Spain, because none can get used to another culture enough to live there for long time, or maybe it is possible, but painful.

But now I think that I was right. Passing an exam does not make me happier. But all the trips that I made in my life, they made me a different person, a better person. They gave me a different point of view that made me the person I am in this moment, more thoughtful.

Of course I passed very good moments in Spain, and I hope I will go on having fun in this country, for sure. But I don't want to give up my wish to know Germany in a deeper way.