Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yesterday, with Rubio, Ele & Fran

Yesterday was a very tiring day. It was the first day of my colaboration with the new erasmus student in my city. They need a help to start a new life here. And they are very nervous, a bit afraid and also a bit worried about the best way to find accommodation. I'm in a group of three youngs that help them to find a renting flat during this week. But also we give them tips about the daily life in Spain and in Valladolid.

When the day finished I phoned Rubio and Ele to know something about their lifes. They were laying on the grass of a park, near the faculties. I crossed the city to meet them and we were laughing very much and eating chocolate.

They look drunk, don't they?
But not!!!!!
They are like this!!!!!!!

Finally they bring me back to my flat and they were with me for one hour more. Rubio was reading my magazines of Architecture and this was the result...